The New Monthly Painting Competition is Now Open


Month 3 - entries close at 12.00 Noon on Sunday 6th December


Due to the terrific response to the competition and with this second lockdown we have added an extra month to give you a focus over this difficult time.


Painting is a great therapy and with the competition you have a goal.


Let’s see if we can have a bumper number of entries over the next two months.


Good luck

Month 3 (November & December) Entries:

Group 1 Entries: 

Title: Autumn Colours


Medium: Mixed Media


Size: 12x9 inches

Group 2 Entries: 

Title: Together


Medium: Acrylic


Size: 20x16 inches

Title: Spring Will Come


Medium: Akua Itaglio Inks, monoprint


Size: 30x33cm

Title: A Mumble of Ocean


Medium: Oil


Size: 60x60cm

Title: Island Harbour


Medium: Pastel


Size: 32x35cm

Title: Autumn Sunset


Medium: Watercolour


Size: 17x24cm

Title: Fun at Sunset


Medium: Oil


Size: 10x12 inches

Title: Mabel on the Beach


Medium: Acrylic



Title: Ruth’s Precious Cargo


Medium: Acrylic



Title: Namibian Storm Clouds


Medium: Acrylic


Size: 30x40cm

Title: Starry Ballerina


Medium: Watercolour


Size: A4

Title: Tulips


Medium: Acrylic


Size: 18x14 inches

Title: Tiger


Medium: Acrylic


Size: 12x16 inches

Title: Toward Becoming


Medium: Painted Glass with Lead Profiling


Size: 50x50cm

Title: A Little Barn


Medium: Watercolour


Size: 9x10 inches

The Winner of Group 1 Month 2      

1st Prize - £20 voucher




Keith Billington


Title: Groyne Strain

Medium: Watercolour Size A4

The Winners of Group 2 Month 2



1st Prize - £40 voucher




Karen Blake


Title: Autumn Glory Medium: Acrylic

Size 14 x 14 inches

 2nd Prize - £20 voucher



Susan Asha


Title: Light in Winter


Watercolour and Acrylic Ink

Size 30.5 x 45.5cm

As Winners Karen & Susan will now join the others in group 1 See list below

2020/21 Monthly Painting Competition Temporary rules effective from September 2020 with a review in December.


With the restriction still in place we have reviewed the rules in a way that we hope will encourage more members to enter the competition and also to encourage previous winners to continue to support the competition.

Following on from the success and popularity of having three prizes each month. It has been decided to continue this situation until we can meet for our Monthly demo in person. To encourage as many members as possible to participate we will split the competition into two groups.


NEW Group 1: Any prize winners from the previous year plus prize winners from the current year 2020/21, entering a picture will compete in this Group, which will be judged in the normal way 5 votes from 5 committee judges resulting in 3 pictures available for members to select their favorite, by voting by email.  

1St Prize of £20 of picturesque vouchers


Winners in Group 1:




November: KarenBlake, Susan Asha

October : Sue Toms, Pat Blunt




August: Jane Powell, Liz Street, Veronica Thomas

July: Paulette Moore, Roland Fletcher, Viv Scholes

June: Rachel Harwood, Martin Buffery, Doreen Langhorn

May: Rod Perkins

April: Rachel Bird

March: Rosemary Frith

February: Kim Hand

January: Rachel Bird

October 2019: Keith Billington

September 2019: Brenda Currigan


Group 2: All other entries will be in this group and we hope this will encourage more members to submit their work. There will be 5 judges from the committee selecting 5 pictures each, with their top 5 pictures available for members vote.

1St Prize £40 of picturesque vouchers

2nd Prize £20 of picturesque vouchers

All winning pictures will still be eligible for the Presidents Prize and also an additional entry in to the 2021 Exhibition on the “Wall of Fame”.

We want more members entering the competition and for more members to vote.  You have 2 votes: one vote for entries in Group 1 and one vote for entries in Group 2.


Entries must be emailed to Sarah at: with the following details: Artist's Name (as it will appear on the website), Title, Medium and Size.

Sarah aims to upload new entries once a week, and aims to have all entries uploaded by the day following the closing date.


Month 2 Entries 

Group 1 Entries: 

Title: All Change!


Medium: Pastel


Size: 67x75cm

Title: Last of the Summer Flowers


Medium: Oil


Size: 42x30cm

Title: Limbered Up and Ready


Medium: Oil


Size: 50x20cm

Title: Groyne Strain


Medium: Watercolour


Size: A4

Title: The Nevis Range


Medium: Watercolour


Size: 37x54cm

Title: Oak Tree by the Ford at Walton


Medium: Mixed Media


Size: 12x16 inches

Title: A Cocktail of Colour


Medium: Acrylic


Size: 80x40cm

Title: Pembrokeshire Coast


Medium: Oil


Size: 14x14 inches

Title: Autumn Reflections


Medium: Acrylic


Size: 24x18 inches

Title: Autumn Lion


Medium: Oil


Size: 22x30cm

Group 2 Entries: 

Title: Autumn Glory


Medium: Acrylic


Size: 14x14 inches

Title: Tall Jug and Raku Jar


Medium: Oils


Size: 40x40cm

Title: Girl with Violin


Medium: Oil


Size: 16x24 inches

Title: Ile De Batz, Brittany


Medium: Oil


Size: 24x30cm

Title: After the Show


Medium: Watercolour


Size: A4

Title: A pleasing tapestry of Grass - Brendon Hill


Medium: Oil


Size: 30x40cm

Title: Last Gleam of Sunshine - Pittville Park Cheltenham


Medium: Oil


Size: 24x30cm

Title: Sheltering


Medium: Mixed Media


Size: 60x60cm

Title: Night and Day Connection


Medium: Fused glass


Size: 50x50cm

Title: Puffin Billy


Medium: Acrylic


Size: 12x16 inches

Title: Mull of Galloway


Medium: Oil


Size: 30x30cm

Title: On the Crest of a Moment


Medium: Mixed Media


Size: 20x25cm

Title: Storm Alex


Medium: Mixed media


Size: 45cm diameter

Title: Retirement at Inverary


Medium: Watercolour


Size: 27.5x37.5cm

Title: Light in Winter


Medium: Watercolour and Acrylic Ink


Size: 30.5x40.5cm

Title: Elmo with a Butterfly


Medium: Watercolour


Size: 19x15 inches

Winners of Month 1 Painting Competition for 2020/21:

Copngratulations to this Month's winner from Group 1 


1st Prize £20.00 of Vouchers

Group 1 Winner


Artist: Doreen Langhorn


Title: Self Isolating


Medium: Watercolour


Size: 50x41 cm

Group 1 Month 1 Entries
Please click on the link to see Group 1's entries
Group 1 entries month 1.docx
Microsoft Word document [2.0 MB]

Congratulations to both winners in Group 2


1st Prize £40.00 of Vouchers


Artist: Sue Toms


Title: Turning Heads


Medium: Watercolour


Size: 22x22 inches

  2nd Prize £30.00 of Vouchers

Artist: Pat Blunt


Title: Autumn Breeze


Medium: Watercolour


Size: 12x15 inches

Group 2 Month 1 Entries
Click on the link to see Group 2's entries
September entries.docx
Microsoft Word document [13.4 MB]


Last Years Entries 2019/20:

Winners of Month 10 (August) Painting Competition



1st Place


Title: Sunset at Perranporth


Medium: Oil


Size: 6x6 inches


Artist: Jane Powell



2nd Place


Title: End of Summer


Medium: Mixed Media


Size: 16x12 inches


Artist: Liz Street



3rd Place


Title: Lockdown Loopy


Medium: Watercolour


Size: 39x39cm


Artist:Veronica Thomas

Entries for August /month 10 Painting Competition
August entries.docx
Microsoft Word document [8.0 MB]

Winners of Month 9 Painting Competition



1st Place


Artist: Paulette Moore


Title: Times Square


Medium: Collage


Size: 18x14 inches








2nd Place


Artist: Roland Fletcher


Title: Betty’s Corner Café, Memories 1965


Medium: Acrylic


Size: 23x23cm


3rd Place


Artist: Viv Scholes


Title: Steampunk Wedding: Mr Beer and Miss Gin


Medium: Mixed Media


Size: 60x60cm

July's entries for the Monthly Painting Competition
July entries.docx
Microsoft Word document [5.3 MB]

Winners of Month 8 Painting Competition

1st Prize £60 Voucher


Artist: Rachel Harwood


Title: Lavender Bee


Medium: Oil on acrylic


Size: 20x28cm

2nd Prize £40 Voucher


Artist: Martin Buffery


Title: Tiger Portrait


Medium: Oil on reclaimed wood


Size: 30x21.5cm

3rd Prize  £20 Voucher


Artist: Doreen Langhorn


Title: Social Distancing!


Medium: Watercolour


Size: 62x53cm

Month 7 June's entries for Monthly Painting Competition
June entries.docx
Microsoft Word document [5.4 MB]



Winner of Month 7 Painting Competition

Artist:Rod Perkins


Title: Plockton, Highlands


Medium: Watercolour


Size: 37x54cm


May Entries for the monthly painting competition
May entries.docx
Microsoft Word document [5.0 MB]

Winner of Month 6 Painting Competition:

Artist: Rachel Bird


Title: Summer Roses


Medium: Watercolour


Size: 16x20 inches framed


April's Monthly Painting Competition Entries
April entries.docx
Microsoft Word document [4.7 MB]

Winner of Month 5 Painting Competition:

Artist: Rosemary Frith


Title: Tuscany – Village set around a cornfield


Medium: Acrylic


Size: 60x46cm

March Monthly Painting Competition Entries
March entries.docx
Microsoft Word document [1.4 MB]

Winner of Month 4 Painting Competition:

Artist: Kim Hand


Title: Santa Maria Della Salute


Medium: Watercolour


Size: 30x40cm



February's entries for the monthly painting competition
February entries.docx
Microsoft Word document [1.2 MB]

Winner of Month 3 Painting Competition:

Artist: Rachel Bird


Title: Silent Watch


Medium: Watercolour


Size: 16x20"

Month 3 painting competition entries December/ January
December's entries.docx
Microsoft Word document [122.4 KB]


Winner of Month 2 Painting Competition:


Artist: Keith Billington


Title: Frames


Medium: Guauche


Size: 200x200mm

November's entries for the monthly painting competition
November's entires.docx
Microsoft Word document [1.6 MB]



Winner for Month 1 Painting Competition:

Artist: Brenda Currigan


Title: Waiting for the 13.36


Medium: Oils


Size: 24x24”


October's Entries for the Monthly Painting Competition
October's entries.docx
Microsoft Word document [1.6 MB]




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