Monthly Painting Competition 2019/20 Rules

All entries must be original and Artists must, if selected as one of the top three by the judges must attend the appropriate monthly meeting at which the top three are exhibited and if the winner he/she must attend the following monthly meeting to receive their prize of £40 of vouchers. Failure do so will result in disqualifying.

Pictures can only be submitted once in a competition year and may have been exhibited before. Entries must be submitted electronically via email to the Website Manager, Sarah Miles, at: The winning artist will be listed on the society website by the Monday after the monthly meeting.

All monthly winners will gain an extra entry to the Summer Exhibition with their picture featured on the “Hall/Wall of Fame”.

All entries will be eligible for the Presidents Prize of£40 of Vouchers awarded at the Preview evening of the Summer Exhibition and will also be hung on the “Hall/Wall of Fame”.

Voting is now open see email from the membership secretary as to how to vote.


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Summer Roses


16 x 20 inches




Landscape 86 Bodmin Moor


20 x 20 inches





Mixed Media

59 x 38 cm




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Entries for April (Month 6) competition has ended.  You may now vote for one of the three options (A, B, or C) above by emailing your vote to Michael at by midnight Thursday 9th April.


You may now start sending in your entries for the May (Month 7) painting competition to Sarah:  


Entries close on Monday 11th May at 12.00 noon.

Due to the corona virus causing us to cancel monthly meetings, the 3 selected pictures will be emailed out to you to vote for by Thursday 14th May 2020.

To increase your pleasure looking at the entries

Enlarge the image by clicking on the selected picture and it will open up to let you see the work in more detail.

Title: Living Sculpture


Medium: Oil


Size: 24x34 inches


Title: Brightness 2


Medium: Acrylic mixed media


Size: 16.5x11.7 inches


Title: Des Res


Medium: Watercolour


Size: 11.5x8.5 inches

Title: Suffolk Isolation


Medium: Watercolour


Size: 9x8.25 inches

Title: Figure Study


Medium: Pastel Pencil


Size: A3


Title: Landscape 86 Bodmin Moor


Medium: Acrylic


Size: 20x20 inches


Title: Still Life


Medium: Oil


Size: 12x10 inches


Title: Colours of Autumn


Medium: Acrylic


Size: 16x12 inches

Title: Spring is Coming


Medium: Acrylic


Size: 16x16 inches



Title: Silver Delight


Medium: Oil


Size: 10x8 inches

Title: Toby


Medium: Oil


Size: 24x30cm


Title: Camaraderie


Medium: Oil


Size: 25x30cm

Title: Abstract Landscape


Medium: Mixed Media


Size: 50x60cm

Title: Tembo


Medium: Acrylic


Size: 60x80cm


Title: Trompe-l'oeil


Medium: Mixed Media


Size: 59x38cm


Title: Harlequin Chameleon


Medium: Acrylic


Size: 20x30 inches

Title: The Pond


Medium: Watercolour


Size: 20x30cm


Title: The Windmill at Bray


Medium: Oil


Size: 50x40cm


Title: Summer Roses


Medium: Watercolour


Size: 16x20 inches framed


Title: Exmoor Spring


Medium: Oil pastel


Size: 30x40cm


Title: Still Some Fish in the Sea


Medium: Painted glass with lead profiling


Size: 40cm diameter

Title: Kitty Love


Medium: Inktense pencils and pastel overlay


Size: 12x16 inches


Winner of Month 5 Painting Competition:

Artist: Rosemary Frith


Title: Tuscany – Village set around a cornfield


Medium: Acrylic


Size: 60x46cm

March Monthly Painting Competition Entries
March entries.docx
Microsoft Word document [1.4 MB]

Winner of Month 4 Painting Competition:

Artist: Kim Hand


Title: Santa Maria Della Salute


Medium: Watercolour


Size: 30x40cm



February's entries for the monthly painting competition
February entries.docx
Microsoft Word document [1.2 MB]

Winner of Month 3 Painting Competition:

Artist: Rachel Bird


Title: Silent Watch


Medium: Watercolour


Size: 16x20"

Month 3 painting competition entries December/ January
December's entries.docx
Microsoft Word document [122.4 KB]


Winner of Month 2 Painting Competition:


Artist: Keith Billington


Title: Frames


Medium: Guauche


Size: 200x200mm

November's entries for the monthly painting competition
November's entires.docx
Microsoft Word document [1.6 MB]



Winner for Month 1 Painting Competition:

Artist: Brenda Currigan


Title: Waiting for the 13.36


Medium: Oils


Size: 24x24”


October's Entries for the Monthly Painting Competition
October's entries.docx
Microsoft Word document [1.6 MB]