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Stratford Now 2018



Update of next meeting for the Stratford Now project:

The next sharing meeting of the Stratford Now project will be held on Thursday 8th November 2018 at 10:30am until 12:00 noon.   



Dear Members,

        The following is an outline of the proposed collaborative project that was discussed at the June 21st Stratford Now Sharing Meeting and subsequently approved at the Art Society Committee Meeting on August 2nd 2018.

Project Title: ‘Change’

Aims:  to produce a series of works on paper that record our observations across Stratford Town and District over the next 2 years. 

            to work to an A3 format and bind the originals together as a book or books, Portrait or landscape as appropriate.

            to encourage as many members as possible to contribute art work to the project.

            to ensure maximum scope for different approaches, mediums and techniques to be included.

            to create a visual document that reflects our personal responses to the changes and developments we are experiencing as we come to the end of this decade.

             to consider the importance of the ugly, the comic or the satirical and not purely the aesthetic.

            to produce guidance notes for the project and sharing meetings to discuss progress.

            to use a democratic procedure for ensuring fairness and quality in the making of the book or books.

Please let me know your thoughts about the project and talk to me about getting involved.


Best wishes,

Cathy Jones

Stratford Now

Change Project 2018 – 2020

Guidance and Information for Art Society Members who wish to get involved in this collaborative project


The title: ‘Change’ reflects the fact that we are seeing many developments taking place in Stratford Town and District as we reach the end of this decade.

Stratford Town and District

is not exclusive and refers to the locality in which we live; our homes, interiors, exteriors and gardens, our towns, villages and countryside, the places we work, shop and spend our leisure time, the people we know and see around us the idea is to find inspiration in our everyday lives and familiar places.

2018 -2020

Two Years allows time for exploration, reflection and experimentation before deciding on a final outcome.


Paper quality We aim to create a book or books that will be a visual record of our responses to the place and time in which we are living. We might like to think of people in 50 or 100 years time turning the pages and marvelling at what they see! For that reason we need to try to use materials which are of ‘archival’ quality. Look for sketchbooks and paper that state they are ‘acid free’.

A3 format, 297mm x 420mm gives scope for members to work to the full size or to work 1, or more, smaller images in the layout of their choice. It will be necessary to remember that the pages will be bound on the left in ‘landscape’ format and at the top in ‘portrait’ format.

All members of Stratford-upon-Avon Art Society are invited to contribute a work on paper. If you normally work in 3D then perhaps we can discuss how you too can contribute to this collaborative project.

Work on one side of the paper only please We need to ensure that images do not rub against each other when the book or books are bound together. Please fix final outcomes appropriately before submitting and check that your medium of choice is stable and will not ‘bleed’ onto another sheet in the book.


The spirit of ‘Stratford Now’ is to encourage and support creative development and we do not wish to cramp creativity by dictating what mediums, techniques or approaches you use in making your responses. The ‘Sharing Meetings are good forums for discussing progress of ideas and seeking advice from fellow members.

Personal Response

What you believe is relevant is relevant and if you wish to reflect a particular feeling about what you observe then that is right for you. It may be that you are an enthusiastic supporter of the new buildings sprouting up all around, but you may see them as an abomination! You may enjoy recording the changing seasons or the growth of a garden, or perhaps it is patterns of human behaviour that fascinate you. Perhaps you like to add words to your work, or respond to words. Maybe the traffic drives you mad or you see the funny side of the queues!

What would you like a researcher from the future to understand from your contribution?

Reviewing and developing

It is hoped that all participants will get involved in sharing their ideas and in reviewing and guiding the project as it evolves.

Summary of:

Stratford-upon-Avon Art Society

Stratford Now Project

‘Stratford Now’ is about sharing with and encouraging each other in our creative pursuits. It is about experimenting and developing skills. It is about the process of making art as much as it is about final outcomes. It is about finding inspiration in our locality.

The above is a summary of the main aims of The Stratford Now project. We began in 2013/14, as a result of a discussion as to how isolated we can sometimes feel in our working practises. We thought it would be good to have an opportunity to talk about our art in an informal setting. We also felt that it was important to acknowledge that there is plenty of inspiration on our doorstep. The need to feel confident in exploring ideas and mediums was also a consideration and helps inform how we create different challenges for each year. Drawing together in our environment, weather permitting, is always on our agenda.

Members are encouraged to have their say in directions taken – hence the idea for a collaborative project over the next 2 years. To make an A3 book of original works on paper, that records our visual interpretations of the Stratford area as we end this decade.

This year we have held 3 sharing meetings in Foundation House, the new Community Hub in Masons Rd. This excellent venue gave us space to spread out work in progress, have a chat and a cuppa!

Stratford Now has also had an opportunity, for the second year running, to have a separate section in the Societies Summer Exhibition; here we are able to reveal some of our working processes through our sketchbooks and a few finished pieces of art work.

CJ August 2018