Stratford Now 2017-2018


        Thank you to those of you who contributed work to the Stratford Now display at the Summer Exhibition. The feedback from members and visitors was very positive and it helped to spread the word about the project.


        All members are invited to join in with the 2017-2018 Challenge!


        The following titles are purely suggested starting points for your consideration and may lead you into all sorts of exciting explorations!

  1. Seasonal Colours
  2. Through my Window...
  3. Watching
  4. Close Observation
  5. Doors
  6. Contrasts



Stratford Now is about sharing with and encouraging each other in our creative pursuits. It is about experimenting and developing skills. It is about the process of making art as much as it is about final outcomes. It is about finding inspiration in our locality.

Thinking about those aims the Stratford Now Project offers these challenges:

        A) Use a sketchbook/journal to explore a particular theme. Find 3 or 4 pictures by artists that you admire. Write notes to yourself as to why you like their work and how it might influence the development of your own approach.

Make drawings in different mediums, colour studies and compositional studies for how you could develop your own ideas…see where it takes you!


        B) Try something completely different!

                        A new medium

                        A different scale 

                        A different surface or ‘ground’

                        A new technique

                        A different genre


Experiment and above all have fun!!


Sharing meetings will take place at the start and/or interval of Thursday Demonstration Meetings. I will arrange a Tuesday morning meeting in Stratford for the end of January, March and May, weather permitting! I will send an email confirming times, dates and place etc.