Saturday 21st September 2019


Jake Winkle

'Going Wild' in Watercolour Workshop


Thursday 19th September 2019


Looking At Art


The Scottish Colourists


Thursday 12th September 2019


Jayne Tricker


Mixed Media Landscapes 

Monthly Demonstration


Sunday 28th July 2019


Art Appreciation Tour




Quotes from members on the Tour:


"All in all it was a really enjoyable day."

"Yes, a lovely day and the weather didn't really spoil our enjoyment."

"Thank you so much for organising the Althorp tour, and the weather couldn’t dampen anyone’s spirits or interest once inside the beautiful house or viewing the gardens."



Thursday 11th July 2019


Rupam Barthakur

Painting Figures in Action to Music

Sunday 23rd June 2019

Sorolla Exhibition


Testimonials from the members who went on the visit:


"Worked out fabulous for us both; saw both exhibitions and had a marvellous lunch."


"An excellent day out."


"The restaurant was one of the best."

Sunday 23rd June 2019

Van Gogh Exhibition



Saturday 15th June 2019


Paint a Van Gogh Style Landscape in Watermixable Oils with Sarah Wimperis Workshop


Thursday 13th June


Sarah Wimperis 



Saturday 18th May 2019




Expressing Colour and Light in Pastels (Soft, Chalk based Pastels) with Tim Fisher



The Double Life of Caravaggio


The Studio Theatre at RSC The Other Place was buzzing with anticipation on 9th May as Stratford upon Avon Art Society members celebrated their 60th Anniversary with a very special Founders Lecture.  


Celebrated art critic, author, journalist and TV presenter Andrew Graham-Dixon gave a fascinating account of the tempestuous life of 16th century

Italian artist Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio.   Members expecting a dry scholarly lecture were instead treated to a compelling, irreverent journey back in time as Andrew used his archival research to immerse us in the historical intrigues and artistic fashions in Rome at the same time as William Shakespeare was writing his plays in England.


The revered art of the period was in a late Mannerist style typified by Michelangelo in the Sistine chapel.   Remote and spectacular, it was not

designed to be understood by the poor people looking to God for hope in their desperate lives.   Caravaggio broke all the rules and was the first artist to produce arresting, dark and brooding canvases of everyday life which

depicted moments from the Bible that poor people could understand.  

Andrew animatedly described Caravaggio’s painting style as

“make it Real - make it Now”     These pictures have now been accepted as some of the greatest in the history of art and are to be found in the famous art galleries of the world.


Sadly, the lecture had to end before we could hear more of the violent and unpredictable life of this troubled artist which culminated in his early death.


Luckily, the talk was followed by an opportunity to buy signed copies of

Andrew Graham-Dixon’s book, Caravaggio: A Life Sacred and Profane which gives the whole story in great detail.    Many members quickly queued to talk to Andrew and buy copies as souvenirs of this fascinating night.   


Thursday 28th March


Looking At Art


Rembrandt: Portraitist, Storyteller and Landscape Artist




Saturday 16th March




Peter Kotka - Still Life in Oil


Thursday 14th March


Monthly Meeting


Vicki Norman - Landscapes in Oil


Thursday 28th February


Looking At Art


Inspired by Winter Colour



Saturday 16th February          


Claire Botterill - Mixed Media & Doorways


Thursday 14th February

Monthly Meeting

Claire Botterill – Watercolour & Wax Resist


Sunday 27th January


Edward Burne Jones

Art Appreciation Visit at Tate Britain 


Sunday 27th January 


Klimt Art Appreciation Visit at RA


Thursday 17th January


Looking at Art


Burne Jones / Klimt


Thursday 10th January

Monthly Meeting

Peter Keegan – Portraits in Oil


8th November


Peter Kotka

Oil in Still Life


Looking at Art


Thursday 25th October​


The Pre-Raphaelites and Their Women

Sunday 23rd September 

Woburn Abbey

Great Canaletto Collection