President - 

Michael Culverwell

Takes responsibility for the smooth running of the Society in accordance with the constitution. The President is the face and ultimate decision maker, supervising the management team and the Society's affairs.

Vice President - Vacant


Assists the President with the running of the Society

Secretary -

Gordon Harrington

Is responsible for non-website administration.



Membership Secretary -

Tony Mawbey


Is the main contact for new member enquiries, maintaining the database and the distribution of marketing materials to Members. 

Treasurer - Gil Murray


Takes responsibility for all financial transactions and accounting practice.

Jen Houghton

Exhibitions Manager -

Jen Houghton


Organises the Society's exhibitions aided by additional help from an Exhibition sub-committee during the planning and implementation period.

Cathy Jones

Assistant Exhibitions Manager - Cathy Jones



Assists the Exhibitions Manager with the running of the Society's exhibitions.


Programme Manager -

Vivien Heffernan


Researches, contacts and books the wide range of artists, lecturers and other visiting VIPs. Responsible for the smooth running of each of the monthly Demonstrations and Lectures.



Front of House Managers –          Julie Smith/ Sue Fryer

A Job share responsible for the coordination of all the elements of the monthly meeting etc. to ensure maximum benefit to attending Members. 

Workshop Manager -

Lesley Shepherd



Is responsible for arranging and supervising workshops.


Website Manager- Sarah Miles


Is responsible for managing the website.


Stratford Now Project Manager - Cathy Jones

Responsible for organising meetings and exhibitions associated with the project.

Art Appreciation Visits Manager -

Andrew Ashley–Evans


Is responsible for organising visits to Major London and provincial Exhibitions.

Hospitality Manager -

Jane Spooner

Organises the catering at all the Societies Events and functions.


Studio Club Liaison - Rod Perkins



Coordinates the Studio Club, who offer the facility to practise your painting up to three times per week at Luddington Village Hall.



Rachel Bird, Lois Buckley, Lynne Dunningham, David Ellis,

Hazel Haywood, Jeni Hollands, Anna Hraboweckyj, Ann O'Neil,

Patrick & Patricia Padget, Mo Rickards, Roger Rickets,  Annette Riddleston, Sue Werner and Dianne York.

Form for use by Management Team Members

Expense Sheet
To be completed by Management Team Members, when claiming expenses incurred for the Society.
Master Copy of Expense Sheet Web.xls
Microsoft Excel sheet [214.0 KB]