Many classes have been cancelled due to the Coronavirus, but some have moved online.  See below a letter from Tom Shepherd, detailing his online lessons:

Stay Inspired & Keep Painting

With the current COVID-19 situation we are of course all finding ourselves at home, maybe some of us with a little more time on our hands, but most importantly we may have temporarily lost the communities, social interactions and creative outlets that come with weekly art groups, workshops and classes. 

These groups are a great part of our weeks for a whole list of reasons. They are so important in giving structure to our week, as well as some direction and a bit of a push with our painting.

For this reason, combined with my instant need to shift my whole business online for now, I am excited to offer a variety of online tutoring and class options.  Not only designed to keep everyone inspired and painting, but also in an attempt to create a fun and interactive art community!

So the main option available is through a website called Patreon.  For a detailed breakdown of what's on offer I recommend visiting my website page, link below, and watching the 10minute video explanation as well as some FAQ's.

I have created the "Staying at home tier" which is $20 a month (please see video or website for an explanation as to why this is $US)

At a glance, what does this give you:

  • Exclusive access to two livestream painting demos a week
  • Questions and answers throughout and after
  • The demo will be available to watch anytime afterwards
  • Access to a private Facebook group (this may change platform to include those not on facebook), where I will offer daily advice, critiques and support to anyone that would like
  • Also my hope is this group will become a place of online art community where you can all share what you are up to artwise, stay inspired, and most importantly stay connected!
  • At this tier you will also have access to all of my previous videos which include large in-depth tutorials, full length paintings, time lapse videos as well as behind the scenes and quick tips videos on all aspects of painting.
  • My Patreon page itself is a place of community and interaction between artists in itself.

Any questions at all, regards any aspect of the above, please don't hesitate to ask. Please contact tom:


I also have a variety of other tutoring options and online course available at the link below:

You can also jump straight to my Patreon page:

I hope to see you there. In the meantime, stay safe and stay creative

Kind regards





Creating Dramatic Light

with Tom Shepherd

Saturday 21st March

Oils & Acrylics
All abilities and experience levels


Get more information here:



Getting to Grips with Colour with Tom Shepherd
2 Day Course - £140 per person

Monday 23rd & Tuesday 24th March

Oils & Acrylics (water-colourists please inquire) 
All abilities and experience levels

Learn to mix any colour & apply this to paintings! 
Over two days we can go really deep into this often tricky area of painting.

A nice balance of theory, exercises, practical application, and of course lots of painting!  This 2 day course is designed to take all the guess work out of colour mixing​.


Get more information here:

Alla Prima Birds & Animals with Tom Shepherd


Friday 27th March

Oils (acrylic painters very welcome as process if the same)
All abilities and experience levels

Whether painting them small in a landscape, painting a large group or making one or two animals the main focus of a painting a few fundamentals can make a huge difference to capturing that all important feeling of 'life'.


Get more information here:

Atmosphere & Light...
...Drama & Mood with Tom Shepherd

Saturday 28th March

Acrylic & Oils
All abilities and experience levels

Mysterious landscapes and misty beaches to moody jazz clubs and bustling streets how do we create that lovely atmosphere in a painting??...Looking for the light has a lot to do with but we will also look at all the aspects involved in this type of scene.

Immersive Painting Week with Tom Shepherd
5 Day Course
Monday 26th - Friday 30th October
£395 per person (all other details as per 1 day workshops)

Please read below OR visit the full website page here

Over the course of 5 days we can go really deep into all aspects of painting.  Everything you could possibly need to know (or as much as we can fit in!!)

Equally suited to complete novice as it is to very experienced painter. We break everything down to absolute basic and build up from there.


The course as been designed to build as the days go on and is structured in a very specific way to fast track your painting. The last time the course ran students found the 5 continuous days and total immersion to be not only really fun but incredibly useful!

Very brief outline:

Day1 - Monday 4th

All about tone
The foundation of all painting, a day working in black and white.
We will be going really in depth to fully understand how to see, interpret and paint tone.

Lots of little exercises, demos and painting.

Day2 - Tuesday 5th


This will be a very in depth and quite intense day, but hopefully good fun too!

We will really looking at the colour wheel and how to use, as well as plenty of colour theory and how to use it. (not too heavy going!)
How to see colour and how mix any colour you want.
Limited palettes with at least one limited palette painting.

Day3 - Wednesday 6th

This day should be really fun and very different from the others.
There will be a guided meditation on colour and creativity, painting to music, looking at the mindset of a painter during the painting process, followed by a afternoon painting using a harmonious colours scheme.

How to deal with the ups and downs that come with painting. On both the samller level during a single painting and over a longer period of time as your painting progresses and involves.

We also cover finding your own artistic voice.

Days 4 and 5 - Constructing a painting and basic techniques

How to start and run through a whole painting as well as looking at a whole host of other aspects of painting from composition to how to approach a subject and much more. 

We will go deep into how to analyse a painting when you get stuck and how to keep it moving towards a finish!  All this and a whole lot more

Basically..lots of painting!

Any questions regarding this week please reply to this email or give me (Tom Shepherd) a call on:
079 806 112 67



Monday Life Classes - Shottery Studio

Hathaway Lane,

Stratford upon Avon


Winter Term 2020


24th February to 30th March 2020 -

6 weeks


contact: Wayne Attwood VPRBSA

UK Tel: +44(0)7966 688116

Peter Kotka

Winter Term


The Shottery Studio, Hathaway Lane, CV37

Monday Afternoon 6th January to 30th March 2020

Tuesday Afternoon 7th January to 31st March 2020



2019-2020 Evesham Life Drawing Group (ELDG) invites artists of all levels of experience to drawing sessions.


Established since about 2005, ELDG is a friendly, committed group of artists ranging from total beginners to experienced professionals, gathering to practise the most demanding and challenging discipline of drawing from the live model. Meetings are on Tuesday evenings 7-9 pm. in a spacious hall in Evesham. The variety of models is solely professional and changes for each session. If requested, friendly informal help and discussion is readily available during the 20 minute refreshment break.

Charges, non profit making, are to cover hire of hall and model fees, cash only please:

Regulars: £28 monthly, to cover 4 sessions, and some months even 5. Alternalively, regulars nightly rate: £10 per session. A twice annual subscription of £10 due after 1st April and 1st Sept. A TRY OUT session: £11

For further details of location etc. contact artists:

Mr Birch, tel: 01386 840682

Mr Bagshaw, tel: 07798 717991

Mrs. Chandler, tel: 01386 831488


Painting Class   Anthony Rowe
 There are a few places left for the following classes:

Friday mornings 10am to 1pm.
Great Alne Hall
Great Alne. Nr.Alcester

Contact Anthony Rowe 01789 292863