Stratford upon Avon Art Society


Constitution & Rules


 Effective from March 2017 


  1. The Society shall be known as the Stratford-upon-Avon Art Society and its Constitution shall provide for a President, Vice President and a Management Committee.

  2. The object of the Society shall be to encourage members to attain in their work the highest standards of accomplishment and creative effort; in addition, to foster the appreciation of all forms of Fine Art.

  3. To provide a varied programme of events for its members.




  4. Membership is limited to a maximum of 300 full members interested in the arts, and excludes Honorary Members and Pure Art Lovers (PAL or PALS) only available to existing members.

  5. Definition of a PAL membership: PAL members are NOT eligible to vote at the Annual General meetings or Special General meetings and are NOT eligible to submit work to the Society exhibitions.

  6. Potential new members will be selected from the waiting list on the basis of their intended active participation in the Society, subject to the completion of a membership application form.

  7. Where selected, the applicant would make all payments for the annual fee and events to Stratford upon Avon Art Society.

  8. All new members must agree to receive communications electronically and that their membership information can be shared with Management Committee members where appropriate.

  9. It is expected that each member will serve on the Management Committee or provide support for specific projects at some time during his or her membership.

  10. The Society’s financial year and Membership year shall run from 1st January to 31st December each year.


  11. New members whose subscriptions have been paid by January 31st shall have the right to submit works for the following summer exhibition.

  12. Members whose annual subscriptions are more than one month in arrears may, at the discretion of the Management Committee, have their membership terminated.These places will be offered to prospective new members.

  13. Membership fees for the following financial year shall be decided by the Management Committee and communicated to members by 1st October of the current year. Fees will be due on the 1st November and any Member who has not paid by the 30th November will be deemed not to be continuing their membership into the following year. Their place will be offered to a person on the waiting list and should the Member decide to re-join they would take their place on the waiting list.

  14. All past Presidents would automatically become Honorary Members and the Management Committee will have the authority to award one Honorary Membership each year, if appropriate, to a member for outstanding services to the Society.Honorary Members will be free of subscriptions but will retain all other rights as Members of the Society. PAL Associate Membership may be awarded to any person who is providing a significant service to the Society, a member or members and ends when the person ceases to provide the service.

  15. All members are expected to take an active part in the Society. The Society is not responsible for any personal accident, or loss, damage or theft of members’ personal property whilst engaged in the activities of the Society, nor for any loss or damage to members at locations visited.

  16. The Management Committee has the right to terminate a member’s membership should the Constitution & Rules not be adhered to.




  17. The members of the society shall elect a Management Committee to be responsible for the direction, management, and running of the society on their behalf.

  18. The power of administration and financial control shall be vested in the Management Committee. The Management Committee shall be elected by a vote of members at the Annual General Meeting and shall include the officers of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer together with additional roles as agreed by the officers. Additional members may be co-opted if necessary. All members of the Management Committee shall for the period of their office not pay a subscription and retire annually, but shall be eligible for re-election.Six members of the Management Committee, one of which must be the president or vice president, shall comprise a quorum.

  19. In order to better conduct its business the Management Committee may form sub-committees charged with specific tasks.The terms of reference of such sub-Committees shall be decided by the Management Committee and any decisions of such sub-committees must be ratified by the Management Committee.Sub-committee minutes shall be circulated ahead of the next Management Committee meeting and form part of that Managers report.

  20. At the end of the President’s term of office he/she shall be eligible for re-election

  21. Nominations for the election of the Management Committee, who all have specific responsibility, shall be made by the retiring Management Committee and circulated in writing to all members not less than 14 days before the Special or Annual General Meeting.

  22. Further nominations for specific roles on the Management Committee may be made by any full member as a proposer and seconded by another full Member. The consent of the nominee must be in writing and included with the nomination. Nominations must be presented in writing to the President no later than 7 days before an AGM for consideration by the officers.

  23. Any expenditure must be made for the benefit of the Society. Any payments or cheques drawn must be approved and signed by the Treasurer and one of the other two signatories authorised by the Management Committee.

    The Treasurer is authorised to manage the Society’s accounts online within sanctioned limits. Any changes to these limits must be agreed by the Management Committee

  24. A register of capital equipment purchased and owned by the Society will be kept by the Treasurer. This equipment will be the responsibility of the appropriate managers, and the location of these items recorded by the managers and the Treasurer.


    General Meetings


  25. The Annual General Meeting shall normally be held no later than 31st March.

  26. Any three members of the Management Committee or five full members of the Society may, at any time, request the President to call for a Special General Meeting for which at least 14 days notice must be given to all members.

  27. The Society’s accounts audited by an Auditor appointed at the Annual General Meeting shall be available to all members for approval at the Annual General Meeting.



  28. Exhibitions of members’ work shall normally be held at dates, times and places decided by the Management Committee.

  29. The Society will charge a commission on sales to be notified to members before each exhibition.

  30. All exhibitors must conform to the conditions of the Exhibition Rules which are agreed by the Management Committee who have the overall responsibility for the event.


    Dissolution of the Society


  31. In the event of the Society being unable to form a viable Management Committee from its members, an Extraordinary Meeting would be called at which, unless a new Management Committee could then be formed, the Society would be wound up.Any Assets after meeting any Liabilities would be donated to charities chosen by the remaining Management Committee




  32. Any member desiring to effect a change in the Constitution shall submit the wording of the proposed alteration in writing to the President, who will present them at the next Management Committee meeting for discussion and action. Alterations to the Constitution shall be proposed by the Management Committee and circulated to the members at least 14 days before the Annual General Meeting.



    Reviewed  23rd January 2017