2021 Exhibition


This is the link to the list of sold artwork by artist:………


2021 Exhibition Sales Sheet
Exhibition Sales 2021 by Artist.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [13.2 KB]

List of Visitors Choice winners 2021:-


Date                Artist                                      Title                                

18th August       Patricia Padget                    'Glass and Lemon’ 

19th August      Julia Swinsco                        'A Precious Moment' 

20th August      Natalie Duff                           'Bee'

21st August       Elizabeth Whitney                'David Bradley'

22nd August      Martin Buffery                      'Leopard in the Leaves'

23rd August       Louise Jennings                  'Last Light, Holkham'

24th August       Ann Louise Blenchley          'Evening Dog Walk'

25th August       Charli Farquarson                'Hidden'

26th August       Sarah Miles                          'The Gingerbread House'

27th August       David Troughton                   'Rust Never Sleeps'

28th August       Doreen Longhorn                 'Hot Gossip'


Well done everyone!

Framing:  The presentation of your work is as important as the work itself.  Here are instructions for you to help you frame your work to an acceptable standard.


Make sure the frame is clean and undamaged



The back is neatly taped using picture framing tape

The “D” ring is positioned correctly and cord is used for hanging