2018 Annual Exhibition 




Exhibition opens to the public 10.30am to 5.00pm ……From Saturday 11th August


Exhibition closes to the public 4.00pm ………………………Monday 27th August

Public ONLY collection of purchased artwork 4.00pm to 5.00pm  Monday 27th August

Or Public collection of purchased work 9.00am to 10.00am …     Tuesday 28th August

Collection of members unsold work 10.00am to 11.30am…………Tuesday 28th August

If you are unable to collect unsold work yourself, please arrange for collection by a friend.

The Society cannot be held responsible for uncollected work, as we have no storage facility. Unsold/uncollected work could be sent to a charity shop

Any queries to the Exhibition Manager

Artist in Residence

correct as at 10/ 8/2018

Fri 17/08/2018
10.30am Gillian Buick Oils/Acrylics
10.30am Tom Shepherd Oils
1.30pm Keith Kennedy Pastals
1.30pm Tom Shepherd Oils
Sat 18/08/2018
10.30am Pauline Bamber Pen and Watercolour
10.30am Eva  Bazhenova Oils & Dry Brush
10.30am Joy Wybrow Chinese Brush
1.30pm Keith Kennedy Pastels
1.30pm Eva Bazhenova Oil & Dry Brush
Sun 19/08/2018
10.30am Richard Lawson Ceramic's
1.30pm Joyce Hawkins Costume Design
Mon 20/08/2018
10.30am Michael Culverwell Oils
10.30am Claire Brierley Mixed Media
1.30pm Claire Brieley Mixed Media
1.30pm Michael Culverwell Oils
Tue 21/08/2018
10.30am Dianne York Oils
10.30am Kaeron Watson Acrylics
1.30pm Dianne York Oils
1.30pm Ann Lawless Acrylics
1.30pm Anya Simmons Acrylics
Wed 22/08/2018
10.30am Joy Wybrow Chinese Brush
10.30am Sue Picot Mixed Media
10.30am Rosemary Frith Acrylics
1.30pm Grahame Poole Acrylics
1.30pm Don Wilson Oils
Thu 23/08/2018
10.30am Claire Henley Mixed Media
1.30pm Nick Sproxton Glass
1.30pm Christine Oakridge Oils
Fri 24/08/2018
10.30am Gillian Buick Oils/Acrylics
10.30am Claire Henley Mixed Media
10.30am Moraig StuartBraxdley Oils
1.30pm Keith Kennedy Pastals
Sat 25/08/2018
10.30am John McCann Oils 
10.30am Tony Mawbey Watercolours
1.30pm Richard Lawton Ceramics
1.30pm Tony Mawbey Watercolours
Sun 26/08/2018
1.30pm Pauline Bamber Pen & Watercolour
Mon 27/08/2018

Items can be purchased using credit cards

Artist in Residence

Saturday 11th to Monday 27th August 2018

If you would like to demonstrate your work as an Artist in Residence during the exhibition please fill in your preferences below. It can be for a single time slot or for a whole day but as space is limited it would be appreciated if you could be flexible at this stage. There will be a Lead Steward who will be in charge of arrangements each day. Please make a note in your diary of the dates you have offered and a confirmation will be made prior to the exhibition.

Winning Exhibition Entries 2018

Judged by Alison Cox from Compton Verney

Gold Award

Trophy plus £60.00 Voucher

Landscape 33


Stephen Williams

Silver Award

Trophy plus £50.00 Voucher



Elisabeth Whitney

Bronze Award

Trophy plus £40.00 Voucher

Large Green Vessel 1


Brynonie Williams


A Brisk Walk




Grenfell Tower


Bob Williams




Magdalena Antrobus


Large Green Vessel 1


Brynonie Williams

Montpellier Award

Trophy plus Montpellier Voucher

Sponsored by Peter Burridge of Montpellier Gallery

Landscape 20


Stephen Williams


Summer Landscape – Welford

Mixed media & Pastel

Angela Gilbert


Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Coloured Pencil

Judith Selcuk

James Henley Water Colour Award

Judged by Prunella Webb - Past President

Trophy plus £40.00 Voucher



Barbara Bridges

Presidents Prize

Judged by Michael Culverwell - President

Trophy plus £40.00 Voucher



Moraig Stewart - Bradley